Mannog Mr Bojangles
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Tuesday, 12 June 2018 16:02

MANNOG MR BO JANGLES (Mannog Moonriver x GB Elizabeth). Born 2004. Gelding

How lovely to hear from the current owner of BJ on his 14th birthday 6th June  to let me know she has had him over a year now and having a great time with him.  He apparently  is a general all rounder with a particular shine for dressage.  He certainly can move well.  Just shows that Moonriver can sire performance horses  - just look at Capitall Ainsley and now BJ.

Thank you Grace for keeping in touch.  

Oh  - he can jump as well !!!

Mannog Paint It Black Res. Ch.
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Tuesday, 12 June 2018 15:39

MANNOG PAINT IT BLACK.  Gelding. Born 2010.  Private B Riker x Mannog All That Jazz (80% FPD. Wa Ha Dar x Mannog April Blues)

At the recent Royal Cornwall Show  Mannog Paint It Black (aka Lyric) won his class  and even better we were there to see it as I was judging at the Royal Cornwall Show on the Friday and Saturday. He was immaculately turned out, looking fab and so was Lyndsey.   He behaved impeccably and showed really well.  

Just a shame that with BAPS giving awards to highest placed BAPS members/horses the APHC UK could not do the same as Lyric/Lyndsey are both APHC USA and it was a class for "Horses of the Americas" (and yet Spotfest West Midlands get APHC UK Commemorative rosettes. !)

We then had to wait for the Iberian Horse classes to finish before  the section Championship and Lyric was reserve champion.  The Champion was a stunning bay Lusitano mare who could really strut her stuff.  We were so pleased for Lyndsey but even better for us as breeders (with our names in the show catalogue) was that the judges, when handing out the Championship rosettes, asked if he was an imported Appaloosa.  Just shows how we breed true to type Appaloosas but with Lyric's outstanding American pedigree and heritage what else do you expect:  Private B Riker ( USA import).  Wa Ha Dar ( USA import). Amazing Blue ( USA import).


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