Spitting Kitties
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Saturday, 18 August 2018 20:36


We recently "found" five tiny black (3) and black and white (2)  kittens hiding under the pallets on which we have stacked 90 bales of hay!  Impossible to catch so after a few weeks of enticing them out with food we eventually managed to trap them and place in a secure stable with loads of toys. However they spit at you even before you get close. They are completely ferral.  Their mum (a long black hair) is still here though we have managed to trap her and get her spayed!  She has been around some months now appearing on and off so no idea of any kitties being around!

We cannot keep these five kittens but will try to humanise them which is not going too well as evident by numerous scratches. Oh and they bite too with needle sharp teeth that puncture the skin!!. No idea of their sexes but if anyone wants some great barn cats we have them.  Must go as a fivesome!  Probably around 6 weeks old at present . ( 18 Aug 2018).

The picture shows four but the black bum sticking up in the far corner is in fact one of the black and white ones totally terrified so hiding his/her self !!


UPDATE 21 Sept:  they no longer spit or bite. Slight hissing but getting much better.  Will be cuddled but do not enjoy . No purring yet!  Believe the short  haired blacks are male and the long haired black and whites are female. Still looking for good homes.  

UPDATE 2 Oct: all gone to a lovely home similar to ours. Very rural. Acres to play in and lovely people AND they stay together.  Shame really as getting quite attached to some and one little female was getting really friendly.  One of the boys though could still be a spitting cobra at times!




USA Judge Card No. 3
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Wednesday, 27 June 2018 15:07


In October 2017 I attended the AMHA Judge Applicant seminar in Tampa FL and passed.  I then attended their one day seminar the day after and an ASPC AMHR seminar the next day.  In February 2018  I attended a further two half day AMHA seminars which was combined with the five day CBC International Judges Seminar in Tulsa OK which I have to attend every three years to keep my APHC USA card.

Having passed my AMHA applicant test I was then required to applicant judge three approved AMHA shows with an AMHA Senior carded judge so:

Orange Blossom MHC  3 day show  Ocala FL

MHCGB 1 day show  Olney   UK

Old Dominion MHC 4 day show  Lexington VA

I have now heard that the AMHA USA "believes I have the knowledge and integrity to carry out the responsibilities of judging shows in accordance with the rules and regulations of AMHA".  "It is a privilege to add your name to the AMHA Judges List".

I have already judged the EUSAM two day Greenhorn show (European Stud Book for American Miniatures) and have been asked to be one of the three judges to judge the EUSAM World Show in September (both held in Holland). I also have a 2019 UK booking for a miniature show.

I now hold : AMHA USA Approved Judge (apparently the only person in Europe to hold this category)

                  APHC USA Approved Judge (the only person in the UK)

                  ASHA USA Approved Judge (the only person in the UK)

Personally I believe it very important if applying for a USA card to actually go to the USA to see how it is done,  what is expected of you, the type of equine you are supposed to be promoting for that breed standard and talking to the USA judges is so great as you learn such a lot from their experiences and views.  I have also made a lot of friends and have loads of invites to go and visit.


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