and now the girls grooming time
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 10:15

Following on from the pictures of the boys getting a Bank Holiday pampering visit here are some pics of the mares getting some pampering from Richard's grand nieces:

Jazz (Mannog All That Jazz .USA: 2006 : Wa Ha Dar x Mannog April Blues). Tink in the background.

Dixie (Dreaming in Private. USA. 2008: Private B Riker x Exbury Dun Dreaming). Purchased. Not bred by Mannog Stud.

Lily (Mannog Lily The Pink. USA. 2007 : Mannog Moonshadow x GB Elizabeth) Hat for sun/fly screening due to being genuine pure white fewspot. Have to protect the pink around eyes and muzzle at all times. Real chunky sort. Pocket powerhouse.

Tink (Im Steel A Zip. USA. 2002 : Zippospots Galore x Code's D Day). Sorrel fewspot. Again needing fly/sun protection for the pink bits!  Powerhouse of a mare as you would expect from a USA import. Great broodmare.

And last but not least the wonderful old girl herself : April patiently waiting her turn. (Mannog April  Blues. USA. 1993: Amazing Blue x Lizzie of Larchmont). Yep that makes her 24 yrs old. Sound, happy, healthy.



When great nieces visit over Bank Holiday
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Thursday, 31 August 2017 11:27

An unexpected visit over the Bank Holiday from Richard's side of the family from the "deep South" who decided to come and camp in North Wales - his niece, hubby & their three girls (10yr, 8 yr & 5 ys). Unfortunately I missed them as I was judging. Anyway they apparently had a huge amount of fun and though being non horsey all they wanted to do was be around our horses. They groomed nine of them ( time ran out for Moonriver but he did get supper) and insisted on helping with the evening feed. When it came to leaving,  the 8 year old wanted to stay and not go back to their camp site at Betwys y Coed!  As you can see from the lovely pictures taken by Toby (dad) all was good especially grooming a stallion (Moonshadow) without any restraint . Just love the temperament of our Appaloosas - that is why we  use USA bloodlines : quality and temperament assured.

So what do you do with non horsey youngsters and a stallion ?  Let them in the field of course. Mannog Moonshadow. 21 yrs

young. Getting a lovely brush from the girls. Behaving as you would expect any stallion to!!  He even shares his supper.


Fred (Mannog Zips Candy Man) getting a  brush from a 5 yr old. No trouble at all but can't quite reach the top bits.

The three geldings - Rio very curious, Rocky (bay) and Fred all OK. Think Rocky just a bit big but he got a brush as well.

                                                     The next generation of little helpers. Poo picking next visit methinks!

Love and cuddles for Shadow. He deserves it .  Super pic showing off his beautiful head. Love the jowels.

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