Mannog Mr Bo Jangles update
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Friday, 12 March 2021 12:38

Mannog Mr Bo Jangles (Mannog Moonriver x GB Elizabeth )  2004 Gelding


How lovely to  hear again from Grace who last contacted me in 2018 re BJ (or Boo as she calls him).  Grace has owned BJ for five years and he is "doing wonderfully".   Now 16 years old he enjoys plenty of hacking and jumping "he LOVES to jump" apparently.  Grace ends by saying : 

"Thank you ever so much for breeding such a lovely pony who has become my best friend".  As  breeders it was also nice to be able to send Grace  pictures of BJ as a foal with his mum.

So pleased to hear one of ours has a wonderful home.  Thank you Grace.


Photo Shows are the in thing
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Thursday, 04 February 2021 11:07

Due to Covid 19 and lockdown the majority of horse shows have had to be cancelled.  So photo competitions are the in thing and so much easier than showing live - no bathing, travelling, running around and it is cheaper.  

Having judged a number of these photo shows myself it is not an easy job and the entries are huge and some of the photos are just amazing. Choosing winners is not easy.  Plus the diversity of classes is bewildering and gives everyone a chance.

SO............. I decided to join in the fun - what else can you do in lockdown ?  Some pics seen below.

 APHS show  May 2020

1st Mannog Moonriver.  Foreign Breed Male In Hand

2nd Mannog April Blues.  No Longer with us.

2nd Mannog Strawman. Ridden Foreign Breed other tack

(to see the pictures log onto  click on virtual shows. click on May 2020 results) 

Mini Stars Equestrian (MSE Online Horse Shows) January 2021

1st and Ring Champion: Mannog Zips Rio Grande.  Foreign & Rare Breeds

1st Mannog Zips Candy Man & Mannog Paint It Black.  Youngstock.

3rd Mannog Moonshadow. Foal to adult.

4th Mannog Zips Candy Man. Foal to adult.

(pictures can be seen on their facebook group page MSE Online Horse Shows)

APHS on line show February 2021

6th Mannog Moonshadow .  Other coloured.

4th  Mannog Paint It Black. Pure Bred Foreign Breed.

Mini Stars Equestrian (MSE On Line Horse Shows) February 2021

1st   Mannog Zips Candy Man   Unusual colour

2nd  Mannog Moonshadow    Cheeky (head shot)

4th   Mannog Rock DJ   Home Produced



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