IM STEEL A ZIP 2002 - 2021
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Saturday, 22 May 2021 10:57

IM STEEL A ZIP (Zippo Spots Galore x Code's D Day)  APHC USA 619758 UK A1069

We sadly lost Tink on 12th May 2021 due to colic.  We imported Tink (her breeders called her Tinkerbell) from the USA in  2005.

She was bred by Mary E Nonic of Daisy Town, Pennysylvania and it was whilst I was probation judging for my APHC USA card in Virginia that one of the Appalooas I saw in the stallion class  was a wonderful  sorrel leopard spot stallion called Zippospots Galore with the incredible pedigree of Zippo Pine Bar and Prince Plaudit.  Whilst waiting for hubby to finish his game of golf and come and collect me I found a flyer offering a daughter of his , Im Steel a Zip, for sale. From photographs only we decided to purchase her and so she came over.   

She was a great brood mare - easy to cover either natural or AI.  Very laid back and calm.  Tremendous sweepy movement as you would expect from her pleasure breeding  and muscling from her halter breeding . 

Her offspring  include Mannog Zips Rio Grande (APHC Supreme Champion and APHC Grand Champion Stallion); Mannog Zips Imagine (APHC Supreme Champion); Mannog Zips Candy Man (APHC Grand Champion Stallion) and her only filly Mannog Zips Mamma Mia who ended up in Denmark and produced winning stock herself. 



Tink & Rio