Mannog Roobee Tuesday 1996 - 2021
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Friday, 15 January 2021 14:43


We are sad to report that one of our "first born" Mannog Roobee Tuesday (Rubicund TB x Lizzie of Larchmont) has very sadly  had to be euthanised.  Her owner said that along with getting very stiff with age she developed a large lump on her jaw which the vets thought was likely to be a tumour.  She was in pain and struggling so the kindest, but hardest, decision was to euthanise her.  It is never an easy decision to make but we know that Sonia always did the very best for Roobee.


Roobee was sold to Tresaison stud as a brood mare, and then passed onto Trewindsor stud, again as a brood mare.  We lost contact until Sonia contacted us (via our prefix MANNOG) to say she was with her .  When purchased Sonia did not realise Roobee was in foal again and eventually Roobee produced a stunning colt foal  - sire unknown.  No longer now a brood mare (thank goodness)  Roobee enjoyed life as a happy, although excitable at times, hacker.  She kept everyone amused with her antics yet gave Sonia many years of enjoyment.

RIP Roobee and thank you Sonia for giving her such a lovely life in her final years.