South African Appaloosas 2016
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Saturday, 13 May 2017 09:27

To celebrate our Ruby Wedding anniversary (40 yrs !!!) we spent a lovely three weeks in Sept 2016 in South Africa visiting family and friends.  The trip included a couple of days in Ladybrand, Free State visiting fellow Appaloosa breeders.  Having judged the AHBSSA (Appaloosa Horse Breeders Society of South Africa) Championship show twice under APHC USA and AHBSSA rules it was nice to visit my friends in their own surroundings.  Totally different from here in the UK. First was Su Fairman of Accolade Appaloosas with her lovely herd of Appaloosas roaming over 1000 acres of land. Then it was to Claire Amm of Alpha Appaloosas with as much land but bearing in mind how dry and parched their land is the more you have the better.  They of course have to be careful of venomous snakes and other wildlife including the holes made by meerkats. Just before we arrived one of Su's  Apps had been bitten by a puff adder (or was it a spitting cobra?)  and thanks to  very prompt intervention survived -  but only just.  What you see in the pictures is what they roam.


 ostrich family at Cape of Good Hope

Cape Town Harbour & Table Mountain