Rio's winning again
Written by Sally Chamberlain   
Tuesday, 02 May 2017 10:37

With 2016 being a no show for our own Appaloosas down to (1) strangles outbreak in the NW (2) wet summer so shows cancelling last minute and (3) my own judging commitments decided it was about time to get someone out for some early shows prior to my 2017 judging beginning again.

SO  Rio (Mannog Zips Rio Grande) attended two local shows (Foxes and Mynydd Delyn) : 3 classes 3 wins !!  Can only do the Foreign Breed classes with him but nice to beat the "warmbloods", Arabs and Minis!  He loved being out, showing off and getting great comments - "awesome trot" "great engine" (i.e. huge muscled arse!!!)  "beautiful head" -  both from the judges and the spectators and of course is he so well behaved.  So nice to just take him out of the field, bath him, travel, show and then back out to the field.  Rocky (Mannog Rock DJ)  and Fred (Mannog Zips Candy  Man) always delighted to welcome him back. They get their turn later on when we take them for a hack.

Will try and fit a few more shows in if possible but with my judging taking me from Brechin Castle to Dorset County and everything in between from May to end of September including two days in Holland (AAPHC NL, DAWRA & WRAN)  I do not hold out much hope but we can try as it is so nice to be out with our own Appaloosas and Rio loves to party.  Will see if there are any Saturday shows for us.

The above (Emerald was taken some years back at Aintree.  Rio now far more muscled but still has a tremendous floating trot (which he gets from his sire Moonshadow and his grand dam April Blues not forgetting his awesome American pedigree that he also gets from his dam Im Steel A Zip.)  Just loving the great American heritage that he has on both sides. How lucky are we?